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Welcome To Textured Food Innovations
"Swallow With Easy Edible Textures"

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals with swallowing difficulties a pureed menu that is visually appealing, deliciously tasteful, nutritious, smooth and easy to swallow.

Our Team

Our team members are licensed speech pathologists who have expertise in treating patients who are living with swallowing disorders resulting from a variety of neurological conditions as well as head and neck cancer; and also include registered dietitians and culinary chefs.

Together, our team is able to prepare food that meets special dietary needs and most importantly looks and tastes delicious.

The culinary chefs at Textured Food Innovations prepare freshly cooked meats, poultry, vegetables, fruits and desserts that taste homemade.

It is our goal to provide a menu that offers many choices so that individuals with swallowing difficulties look forward to eating and enjoying their meals.
Serving Long Island - Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York City & The Boroughs
Call (516) 731-FOOD
Toll Free (844) TEX-FOOD
Textured Food Innovations
Easy Edible Textures
We invite you to join our Facebook group - Dysphagia Chat. We share ideas and thoughts about life with dysphagia and how to make meal time enjoyable once again.  Click here to join our group.
Introducing SWEETIE - This turkey has a meaningful name. It is SWEETIE. There is a reason for the selection of his name.  It stands for Swallow With Easy Edible Textures.  He became a special logo for Textured Food Innovations. The team kept telling everyone that it's not so simple to puree food yourself because it takes time and also loses nutrients along the way.  Then a thought came to mind.  "Simplicity that is not so simple, but we make it simple for you". So, we put the two together because safe swallowing is our concern as is nutritious, visually appealing pureed meals. That is how SWEETIE joined the team of Textured Food Innovations.