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About Modified Dysphagia Diets
Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder that is often caused by a variety of medically related disease processes that will often prevent one from consuming food safely. As a result, when a person is diagnosed with a particular type of dysphagia, it may mean that the individual affected may require a modified dysphagia diet that is designed to allow the person to continue to consume food with a reduced risk of aspiration (food and/or liquid going into the wind pipe and into the lungs).  

Such diet modifications which may require pureed and/or chopped food textures in place of regular or solid food textures is determined by the speech pathologist, who is a specialist in the evaluation and treatment of patients with swallowing disorders.  

The type of food texture the person will receive is typically prepared to provide the individual with the safest and most nutritious diet possible, and is based on the results of the swallowing evaluation. The speech pathologist and dietician usually work closely together in determining a diet that will consist of the necessary amount of calories as well as other nutrients required for the patient with underlying medical disorders.  

While modified dysphagia diets often meet the physiological and caloric needs of a person in question, they are frequently visually unappealing and bland in taste. Consequently, the person for whom the diet has been prescribed will often consume less than their dietary needs call for, and in some cases refuse to consume much if not most of the food they are provided. This places the person at risk for insufficient nutrition, which may then necessitate consideration of a feeding tube to ensure adequate nutrition and hydration.  

However, modified dysphagia diets DO NOT need to be unappealing or bland with reference to taste. Dysphagia diets can be prepared to look appetizing and taste just as wonderful as regular food.

At Textured Food Innovations, modified dysphagia diets are prepared by a team of health care professionals and culinary experts who understand the needs of individuals with swallowing disorders. 

Our dysphagia diet meals are visually appealing and taste absolutely delicious! In addition, all Textured Food Innovations meals are made with fresh and natural ingredients that are high in caloric value and meet each individual’s nutritional requirements. 

We pledge to provide every person who is need of a 
modified dysphagia diet the most appealing and delicious food available, prepared to ensure a healthy and nutritious meal time experience!

Should you have any questions about our products, 
please feel free to contact us at any time

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