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Textured Food Innovations
Easy Edible Textures
Textured Food Innovations is revoluntionizing the preparation of modified dysphagia diets with particular emphasis on pureed meals. We are the only state of the art company with specially trained chefs who prepare molded pureed food that not only looks and tastes good but is prepared with only fresh high quality meat, poulty, fish, vegetables and fruit.

Our chefs are so highly skilled and talented that it is almost impossible to determine that even our bakery goods are pureed too.

Textured Food Innovations is improving the quality of pureed food by completely modifying the visual presentation and actual taste of the food while adhering to the guidelines suggested by the Amercian Dietectic Association for Level 1 – Modified Pureed Diets. As the result of our persistent team efforts, Textured Food Innovations has revolutionized the preparation of pureed food to a totally new level. We offer a menu of freshly prepared and culinary contoured pureed cuisine for people requesting modified dysphagia diets. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people having to consume pureed food by specially molding and contouring their pureed food into meals that look and taste just like those meals prepared at home or in restaurants.

​Our meals are prepared using only freshly cooked ingredients and are packaged by our staff and ready for delivery to healthcare and nursing facilitiessenior living residences as well as to individual's residing at home.

The staff of Textured Food Innovations is available to speak directly to the facilities dietary staff and speech pathologists to plan menus of their choice and to ensure that individual choices are catered to.

We offer a complete line of molded pureed breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, delicious desserts that include cake and cookies as well as snacks for in between meal treats. All of our menu choices are freshly cooked, frozen, hand packaged, labeled, and ready to be heated and served.  

Our pureed modified meals are so visually appealing that it is difficult to see any difference from a regularly prepared homemade meal.  

​We vow to always provide only the highest level of customer service by having competent 
trained and skilled personnel available to take orders and answer questions.

We have special telephone hours available where questions about our pureed food 
can be answered by our dieticians and/or speech pathologists.

We offer the availability of placing orders in advance so that our personnel may  assist with the menu choices of our customers.

We will continue to increase and expand our menu choices of pureed food and welcome suggestions from our customers. 

We plan on expanding our product line to include glutten free pureed meals, low sodium pureed meals, sugar free pureed meals as well as an eventual kosher line of pureed meals.

Textured Food Innovations